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Name: Alpsurfer
Product description:
-Driving fun for whole family 
-For all man/woman (6-99years)
-Flexible and agile 
-Simple to operate 
-Easy portable, well protect knees and foot joints
-All weather
-All terrain like bituminous road, forest roads of meadow slopes and gravel slopes
-All ages applicable 
-Fun sport equipment

Weight: approx. 3.5 Kg
Dimension: length 56mm, height 260mm, wide 70mm, 
Steering-wheel strand 450mm
Tire: Pneumatic tire strengthened in flank 
Rims: GRP-strengthened (specially produced)
Brake: Double brake 
Seat bowl: Aluminum 
Chassis: Aluminum
Front End: Adjustable by eccentric cam adjustment
With the Alpsurfer, each departure becomes exciting experience immediately.
From the cozy uphill to the spectacular downhill ride, the new fun equipment can be used everywhere where it goes downhill, and its able to run on bituminous road, gravel or meadow in any whether. The three arranged pneumatic tires and the individually adjustable chassis are suited to use in all terrain.
Ideal for families
Do you know the situation? Hardly have arrived at the foot of a mountain, which is too steeply, too high or too arduousthe dear kids run into tears. Sometimes it can only betake some motivation assistance to move the children uphill. With the Alpsurfer you will have big reward for overcoming an arduous ascent.
Practically for mountain climbers
For mountain climbers, who gladly go uphill, but reluctantly go downhill, the Alpsurfer is the solution to make a speedy way downward. It can go over meadows, forest roads and return back valley. In this way he saves much time, one can extend the hut stay heedlessly.
For Fun sport Fans
With the Alpsurfer the Downhill Ride becomes very interesting: Small jumps, curvy going, quick departures and being amazing Mountain Biker. Also for sporty drivers the Alpsurfer offers an unusual experience. Whether in the slalom, Speed or obstacle range, the safe Alpsurfer pilot will draw the amazing attention of the public. One can learn Alpsurfer in a very short time. Simply sit on the aluminum bowl, hands hold the grasps, feet take forward and start off. Steering can be operated with the carriage by simple weight misalignment. The speed can be regulated individually by an emergency brake. The Alpsurfer runs even with higher speed and problem-free on wet roads and fast to halt ensured by the hydraulic disc brake.

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